I'm available to give private lessons in your home in southwest Austin Circle C and Shady Hollow areas. I can also give lessons thru Skype. I can teach guitar, bass and harmonica. Beginner thru advanced. Most styles (jazz, rock, blues, r&b, country, etc) My rate is $30/half hour...$50/hour

Doug Anthony Music 

I have been a professional working musician for over 30 years. My style of teaching incorporates my experience as a player working solo or in a band. I like to teach the understand of music through the medium of learning songs. I started out the way almost all of the rock, blues and jazz legends started out.....by listening to their favorite records and playing along.

For beginners I like to teach simple good pop songs that are fun to play and listen to. the goal is to keep the student interested in practicing.

For more advanced students I like to go deeper into music theory but still within the context of songs. Learning scales and chords is great but not very useful unless you can apply that knowledge to song.